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My Trip in Gemastik 4th 2011

Gemastik is a National Student performances of Information and Communications Technology. Gemastik in 2011 is an event that was held four times the Ministry of Education (Kemdiknas) Republic of Indonesia and act as a host is Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya.

Preparation Phase
Never imagined that my work could be advanced to the finals Gemastik IV 2011 held by the Directorate General of Higher (Ditjen Dikti). Capitalized certificate active student, work, copies of the KTM, I begin the preliminary round with the heart a little pessimistic. Imagine, the applicant IT student in Indonesia reached 450, make me pessimistic to be the final drive which is only taken 12 finalist. Moreover, my friend once said, it is difficult to get away. What ever? What is clear, my spirits have never gone to join turmoil removed in my heart.
When passing my work, how glad the heart of this, because the announcement came from my friend who often tour to defend UB in the event LKTI, his achievements were also spelled out a lot, his name is Muhammad Muchlas. Until finally I saw the announcement, it's true I escaped the final stage, and I see the record was Muchlas also been involved, but have not escaped.
Pleasure, it did not last long, I'm confused about who mentored, because it was rumored Mr. Hendarmawan (my mentors to Gemastik IV) have been left for Manchester, England. So who is his successor?
I immediately contacted Mr. Sutrisno as Chairman of the Informatics Engineering of UB, he recommends that Mr. Himawat as a lecturer there for me when going to the finals. No guidance was also run for two weeks, the result there is increasing although only slightly.
At one time, I accidentally met Mr. Hendarmawan, it turns out he was still in Indonesia. I see Mr. Hendarmawan when the Workshop organized by UB's rector in Widyaloka. Until finally I told him that my work to qualify for the final stage. He quite enthusiastic and willing to guide me and being there when the final took place.
Different indeed, as Mr. Hendarmawan a guide. Why not, people are often poor across abroad and never got a degree of respect from Microsoft and Cysco gives guidance that is so extraordinary, ranging from engineering presentations to the input for my work. If the total, had five times the meeting with Mr. Hendarmawan, and he told me that my presentation there was an increase.
Each meeting should be a presentation in front. Until one time Secretary of the Ministry of Information and the Secretary of the Department of Public Social from EM UB see my presentation, that's when I was told last presentation before competing in the finals.
Apparently I'm not alone, there are my friends in Informatics UB who also qualified for the final stage. They consist of a team of 'Sistem Mikir', they are Hafidz Rozaq NJ, Rindang Mazdarani and Iqbal Luthfillah for Business Game Competition. Apart from the Informatics UB, majoring in Computer Science from UB also had escaped team 'Cyber ​​Crypton', they are Ikhwan Eko Setiawan, Ardhy Wisdarianto and Mutya Fani A for Application Contest. So the number of contingents from UB there are three teams. Prior to Surabaya, I had to create and print posters to be exhibited at Graha ITS Surabaya.

First Day of Departure to Surabaya
On October 11, 2011 at 8:30 am, I was getting ready in front of UB rectorate. It turned out very long to wait for the entire contingent and tutors. Until the car arrived traveleo (UB official car) came up to me and other friends right in front of UB rectorate. 10:00 am even ready to depart to Surabaya.
It appeared in the middle of the trip, Mr. Hendarmawan wanted to stop by for breakfast food depot first. "Let's eat," an invitation from Mr. Hendarmawan to friends. The menu too much, which made me laugh, it turns out Mr. Hendarmawan not want to waste the opportunity to be able to get the special menu. "Miss, there is a special menu?" asked Mr. Hendarmawan to the seller. Rice was menjad rawon our daytime meal.
The journey was resumed. Arriving at Surabaya, I just woke up from my sleep quite soundly. Which makes me wake up not because awakened, but because of the extreme heat temperatures up to sweat profusely, Suarabaya so you know, much different from the city of Malang.
I had first set foot in the House STESIA Surabaya, where finalists from around the mess participant universities, except Surabaya. After check-in, the committee ordered the group to go directly to the ITS. This is due to the arrival of the UB group perceived an hour late for the first maximum of the check-in at 12:00 pm, we just got here at 01:30 pm.
Arrive at Graha ITS, we do the registration and take the facility for participants finalists, such as clothing, small bags, etc. It also put up posters on display ready to show to visitors who come at Graha ITS. Initially the group wrong direction, because the schedule is clearly written in first-time registration Informatik ITS Engineering Department, the committee was directed to the Graha ITS Surabaya.
Once is enough, the group returned to the Informatics Engineering of ITS to attend the Technical Meeting, my room was in the IF-108. Again and again late, the jury was take into my hands as a token of gratitude have been present at the technical meeting. Directing the jury was considered sufficient to make me know before the match tomorrow.
The delegation went back to the mess before attending the evening party wecome. We were back to the Graha ITS kagi to join the welcome party, the show was not as good as we thought, boring! Quickly, we went straight back to the mess for break.
At night I was content with the exercise with other friends, other than that I take the time to perform tasks Microprocessor Systems course. Drowsiness finally came, to the point, I was immediately asleep.

Second Day in Surabaya
On the morning of October 12, 2011 woke me up to the call of Allah in the mosque to perform dawn prayers. I pray that today's events can run smoothly. Although many are still sleeping, I also pray for those that are equally given the ease in the final game the first day.
We went to the Graha ITS 08.00 am to hold the opening Gemastik IV 2011. The first match of the finals held at 01:00 pm. I goto the last sequence, the order of 12 for presentation to the national jury. There is one of the judges who have a bachelor professor makes increasingly tight adrenaline for presentation to him. Because, as my knowledge of the heavens with the earth, he said ketia A, of course I must obey. If not, then there were none for the presentation of my efforts.
Until at last my name was called for the presentation. "Afiqie Fadhihansah," the committee said while looking for the person concerned. "Yes Miss," I said to the committee. That was my initial presentation in front of 5 for the national jury. Until the time show the 10th minute, I should be forced to stop the presentation. Jury's turn to ask.
But it was not like other finalists say, the jury not to judge me, just that the jury asked about many things, that's what made me even more eager to answer questions from the jury. "This Inbistik what with the course material in general?" Said Prof. Joko.
"No sir, Inbistik this is a new idea about a breakthrough to create IT-preneur," I explained to the Professor. Joko. Yes, the question is simple, but difficult to explain in detail, because the feeling of nervousness continues to haunt me remember who asks is a professor.
Also stepped maghrib time, it's time for prayers. After that I and Mr. Hendarmawan ice breaking directly into the room to rest for a while waiting for another group who are still competing. "Sir, how did my presentation?" I asked Mr. Hendarrmawan. "The jury is still not digesting your language, they are also many who do not know about incubator business," replied Mr. Hendarmawan. Anxiety had come, about how it results.
"But for the whole how do sir?" I asked again. "Not bad," he answered back. Finally, anxiety vanished.
The first day of play was considered finished, at 08:00 pm we went to the mess finalist participants, the evaluation also came and went from other friends.

Third Day in Surabaya
Frankly, the third day (October 14, 2011) I'm not doing anything, because the match for ICT Writing Competition has been completed yesterday, waiting for the announcement of the winner's time, unlike the case with friends of Thinking Systems team, they have to compete in the second round of the final branch of the business game. But Cyber ​​Crypton team competed in the finals did not participate, because they only reached the semi-final stage.
After the team'Sistem Mikir' finished playing, we went around the City of Heroes, we also briefly visited the Hi-Techmall for a look cheap electronic goods, Mr. Hendarmawan also buy Hard Disk 1 terra WD brand worth IDR 940.000. Indeed, Mr. Hendarmawan've been meaning to buy since the hard disk on his notebook and the old has been full, so take the container to accommodate new data.
Once thats enough, we went straight back to the mess for bathing and resting while waiting for the announcement of the winner once the closing night. There was a tragedy before going to the Graha ITS. "Look, you know your professor angry, because you late," said Mr. Agus as the chauffeur who drove the group. Apparently Mr. Hendarmawan angry with us. It's our fault because of late into the car when at 5:30 pm. We also apologize to him.
Until at Graha ITS, we sat on the bench while the participants excited waiting for the results announcement of the winner. Before that, I and my friends perform the commandment of God in the night, the evening prayer 'in the mosque floor 2 Grha ITS. When finished, I went straight back to the bleachers.
The event was opened by the chairman of the committee report, chairman of the jury, until the anxiety continues toward me. "Winner of the business game is....," said of the master of ceremony announced the winners in the game business. Apparently a team of 'Sistem Mikir' has not managed to become champion, followed by the announcement of my writing work, it also has not brought the trophy victory to UB as a single representative of each branch.
Disappointed was alternated haunt us as a candidate win, how not, the majority obtained by the host champion, ITS bought four gold medals, 3 silver, 3 bronze. While UB, do not get at all. We are also guilty of not been able to carry the name of the university's alma mater fragrant UB in the national arena, although we act as a finalist.
We also went home empty-handed, but feeling disappointed we were not comparable to the role of mentor Mr. Hendarmawan and Mr. Arif who always accompanied us when we were thick and thin. Hopefully this is an important lesson for the next step in the national event.

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