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How Easily Manipulate Images

How do I edit photos? Would you like photographs with the artist's capital without having to come all the way to Jakarta? That is what I discuss in this article. I'll tell you about ways to edit photos with well like you're photographed with the artist.

Nowadays, of course you often see pictures of artists who forged. Ayu Azhari for example, the artist who was tripped as a candidate for Vice Regent Sukabumi be affected victims of nude photos displayed on the website. Though he claimed never to expose even at the scene. Impact, he must deal with the police as an act of pornography. Of course that should be responsible is the image editing. Well, you do not need to be alarmed if your photos have to be nude or indecent by people who are not responsible, because most famous victim was a person who is on the rise. Here, you will learn to be editing the picture, it does not mean you teach me to make these nude photo artist. Actually a lot of ways to edit photos using the software (software) that has been provided. For example Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 to the latest release of the CS3 version.
See figure 1 above all, was a picture of the President along with high officials of Japan. While Figure 2 is a photograph of the President with me (hehe). Well, instead of stuck to my original narcissistic photo next to Mr. President, but I'll match it, hehe.
See figure 3, ST 12 was seen mejeng personnel. While figure 4, was a picture of me with personnel ST12. Of all the pictures is just fiction.
The initial steps you have to do necessarily the easiest software to open or normally used for the image editing Adobe Photoshop (any version). Then drag the photo or image you want an open file in the edit, I suggest to not even edit the images obscene (pornography, etc.), because every action must be accounted for. And do not forget, drawing artists who want to edit must have the same pose or position with your photos, so people would not be surprised if this image edits.
To look more cool, edit the images the artist that looks like you're with the artist. Certainly the artist you are editing is the artist who is not alone, so you can easily stick your face on someone who was with the artist. For instance, photos shared Acha Irwansyah. If you are female, edit faces Acha (without changing the posture Robbie) so that you look like a photo with Irwansyah, and vice versa. So is the picture rubu hundred dollars, the process is almost same as the photo with ST 12.
First image selection (especially your face) by using the 'Pen Toll' available in the left navbar. When finished selecting the line until the position is closed, right click select the make selections, then click ok. Visible image is offset by the lines running, click the move tool and drag the image you want to edit original face. If you want to shrink the image, press Ctrl + T then adjust with the original image. The most important is the need of patience in adjusting the new image.
After drawing sticks very well (not suspicious that it's a fake picture), click on the menubar save as a file or press Ctrl + S, save it in JPEG or GIF.
If you are still having trouble in my explanation above. Take advantage of your computer teacher for more details. Ok! Good luck.

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